D G Jones 

D G Jones is an award winning author who avoids the mainstream and has been in the underground world of literature since the 80's, establishing a large cult following. He rarely appears in public or gives interviews, and much of his success relies on word of mouth. Known for the explicit content of his work, his novels have a wide range of styles and themes: horror, comedy, politics and dark science fiction are amongst some of the genres he writes in, exploring themes of alienation, poverty, slavery and the horrors of the modern condition. He also suffers from mental illness and has addiction issues, and is a huge fan of Insane Clown Posse and Spongebob. But Nobody's perfect.

Selected works by catagory:

Comedy and Surreal Stories

Dystopian Fiction and Dark Tales

Horror, Humour and Weird Tales

The Thaylian Asylum and other Madness

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